Friday, 13 November 2015


Today this mighty eucalyptus, that would be positively lovely in an Australasian forest but really isn't suitable for a tiny Brixham garden, will be felled.   Any passing koalas are welcome to come round and have a last nibble at the leaves. This fast growing beastie reaches a bit beyond my roof. It will be replaced by something that has less potential to damage the foundations of my house and those around me.    A  Torbay Palm perhaps?  It turns out that's an Aussie native too!

Once it is felled, my garden will have a different feel.  I didn't appreciate that it was south facing until I worked it out the other day.  When the sun shines its rays will be felt daylong but at the moment the shade from the foliage makes it a very dark spot indeed.  I also think that the atmosphere in my dingy bedroom.will also be different.  Lightness and airiness is what I'm hoping for afterwards.  Let's see.

I've come up with a rather happy arrangement to get rid of all that  wood.  The tree surgeons would have taken it away if I wanted but  my friend, the Prof, has bagsied it for her log burner.  In return I'm swapping it for  a  a rather beautiful chair that's just the job for my sunroom but doesn't look right in her  new Georgian home.   Rather a satisfactory arrangement don't you think? .  Of course I'll show that off when it's in situ!


  1. What an excellent swap! Many years ago when we had the big oaks topped, we had them chipped and then barrowed them round the back for the play area under the swings. Gum trees can quite quickly get out of hand can't they. I'm sue it will make a big difference to the light coming in.

    1. It has made a big difference and my neighbours are pleased as well. The girl next door is really happy that she'll be able to sunbathe next year. x

  2. You have done a very good thing and people will be very happy with you.