Saturday, 14 November 2015


I am educating a student at the moment.  He is twenty four and lovely.  Bright, kind and considerate and very quick to learn   If Louis grows up like that I will be well pleased.  Barbie Nurse  is especially taken by him.  She wants to bring him home, feed him roast dinners and adopt him as her son. It's a bit greedy as she has two already.

So I have company on my drives around Devon.  There's lots to chat about as, in spite of the generation gap, we have shared interests. Walking, skiing, real ale... oh and occupational therapy of course!   The other day we were talking about social media and confessed that we both didn't really get Twitter even though, in my case,  blog posts automatically feed there.  However my student shared a tip.  He'd used it to make complaints to companies when he hadn't got a response by email.  The replies, he said, were super speedy if you did this.  I thought I'd try it out.

When I visited Red Mel last month the train was late enough for me to be entitled to compensation.  I copied my ticket and set it to CrossCountry trains on 2 October.  In spite of a reminder, I hadn't heard a dicky bird.  Could then a dicky bird help me?  I composed a suitably succinct tweet.

lovelygrey   @lovelygreyday
Nov 13
@crosscountryuk compensation request even later than their train was! 2 October and still waiting even though I've sent a reminder email.

Within a few hours I'd got a positive reply with apologies and saying that my claim had been actioned Yay, it works!  I won't be using this as my first line of defence as it seems unfair to go public initially.  But this will be a last resort in the future when I haven't had a timely email response. There's another company who've just been given a last chance to deal with something confidentially. If I haven't heard anything in a couple of days I'll be tweeting again!


  1. Interesting, never thought of using it like that.

  2. Great idea and worth keeping in mind as companies don't like bad publicity

  3. I've been talking to Salty Dog who is a social media marketer. Apparently good companies like showing how quickly they can deal with complaints on Twitter. x

  4. I do a similar thing with Facebook messaging, it seems to work well.