Monday, 21 December 2015

Big Road Update

This is a street in Brooklyn.  It came up when I searched 'road' on Pixabay.  It's an image that's far more aesthetically pleasing than the picture that Wikipedia uses of the A380 at the Penn Inn Roundabout where I was accustomed to sit in traffic to get in and out of Torbay. So I thought I'd use it.  How random is that?  I'm that type of girl.

But those stoppy-starty queues are no more.  For the past few days the new Kingkerswell bypass has been opened. My colleagues and I have all had a little go on the new 5.5km stretch of road. Ibiza Queen Vikki was thrilled. Her old journey from home to Torbay Hospital took 45 minutes in the old days.  Now it takes twelve! And Blue Light took a detour to work the other day just to try it out and arrived ten minutes earlier than usual. Me?  I haven't travelled the whole route.  I got confused by all the new signage and spent most of the journey on the near empty old road instead.  I'm a bit of a bonzo when it comes to anything involving a sense of direction.

I'm so thrilled as it looks like my guesstimate from earlier in the year was correct.  I used to be an hour away further away from my friends and family in the North and East of the Country when compared to journey times from my old home on Dartmoor's edge.  Now  there's only quarter of an hour difference. But as I do so love to be right beside beautiful coastline, it's so totally worth it. I hope my visitors will agree as well!


  1. This post made me chuckle! I'm glad you love your new road! Take care on it!

  2. Thank heavens it's finally open! It's a shame it opens after I no longer need to visit. I've only waited 25+ years for it :) Kingskerswell will be a much better place for it too.

  3. Road construction- bane of all comnuters. I like your Brooklyn picture-happiness.