Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Tree Musings

It was a quiet day at the office yesterday.  Phew!  A good job as there was only three of us in, Scary Secretary, Barbie Nurse et moi!  It gave us rare chatting and giggling time.  I'm not anticipating it will be like that between Christmas and New Year.  What happens is that relatives from far afield turn up on the Devon doorsteps of their loved ones with dementia, realise how much they've deteriorated in the year since they've last seen them and then phone me up and expect me to take them home and look after them after they've toddled back to their 'perfect' lives up country or abroad.  I'd have a houseful of sweet, confused people by now if I did that!

Anyway one of the things that we talked about was our Christmas trees.  I love the pine fragrance of the real thing but have made do with the gnarly artificial one that I bought back in 2012 this year.  'My Christmas tree looks like someone has vomited on it!' announced Scary Secretary.  Good job she was not being literal.  Instead she meant that it's a right hotch potch of stuff collected over the years.  Things that she's picked up in little shops and stuff that she and her kid have made.  'I like it like that.' she went on.  'Sod colour coordination.  My tree is full of memories'.
And mine is the same.  Of course, I didn't have a tree when I was living in the motorhome.  That would have been well tricky So it was two years since I'd opened my box of sparkles.   Those memories only span the four years since I became single again but they're precious nonetheless.  And maybe it goes without saying that  the ornaments that have the most value are the ones that Louis made.  The lolly stick snowman, a little felt bag in which he pops a chocolate for me.  They'll get tattier over the years but they're the best.

I don't buy or receive many seasonal gifts.  My best present this year was news on Christmas Eve of a dramatic turnaround for the better in the health of a family member.  Yay! The kindness of my friends is beautiful too. They look after me extra-specially well as they realise how hard it is to  be apart from my child on a day meant for families.

However I was thrilled to receive the two trinkets I'm showing you here.  My 'Disco Angel' was from Dancing Queen Vikki and the handmade fused glass mistletoe was handed to me by Sugar Plumb.  They've been hung on the branches and will be reminders in years to come of the wonderful times that I've shared with these people whose souls are filled with goodness.

So, with the  warmest of wishes.  I will leave you with these wise words from Roy L Smith.

'He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree'.

May peace and blessing be with you all especially those who find these sentiments hard to come by.


  1. Although don't comment very often I do read often and I wish you a very merry Christmas

    1. Thank you Carol. Warmest wishes to you too! x

  2. Have a lovely day. I felt sad for you when you said that Louis would not be with you the other day. Do you take it in turns to have him?
    Did you know that this year there are some long green pine scented things ( can't for the life of me remember what they are called) in the shops that you can hang in
    an artificial tree to scent the room?

  3. Merry Christmas to you - love reading your blog. Sara

  4. Good news about the health of your family member, hope they continue to improve.

  5. Merry Christmas to you. I read every day, but rarely comment. Its a shame Louis isn't there with you tho.
    Speaking of relatives of dementia patients, read Jane Laverick's Dementia Diaries...that woman is a complete saint. If you have the time read from the beginning, what an eyeopener. The website is 'Jane Laverick' (as she is a dollmaker first and foremost, the Diaries are on the sidebar).
    Happy New Year xx

  6. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all good wishes for 2016. Carole

  7. I think the world is so lucky to have people with your knowledge and skills to support the end years of life. I with my siblings did the caring for our parents, but can't imagine how we would have managed without a big family. I like memory trees the best as well.

  8. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. I know it is late in the day but good wishes to you.Just think about next Xmas when Louis will be with you and you will treasure every moment.Enjoy the break as much as you can and recharge your batteries.Lots of love Barbara

  10. Thanking everything for all their kind thoughts and yes, Louis will be with me on Christmas Day next year. I had a lovely day with 'my boys'. Re: the thing to stick in my tree. Louis bought me a diffuser and scented wax discs to burn in it. Consequently my house smells of strawberries! I will catch up on Jane Laverick's blogs. Yes, I have come across saints who are carers, some of the most inspirational people I've met in my life. I'm bowled over by their selflessness. x