Thursday, 10 December 2015

First Song

Mostly when  Louis is living with me he takes the bus to school.  I walk with him to the bus stop. We cross the green near our house that overlooks the sea and spot the ships sheltering in the bay and the fishing boats coming in and out of the harbour below. Mr Metrosexual says that I am cosseting my kid and no good will come of it. But it's a little part of the day that I enjoy as it blows away those cobwebs that have been laid down overnight.  So I'll risk creating a namby-pamby and continue  this little ritual  until I'm banished by a stroppy teenager who no longer wants to be seen with his mum, even in the dim first light of day.

Instead of our usual routine I gave Louis a lift to school yesterday.  I was passing in the general direction on the way to a training course so it seemed a reasonable thing to do.  Lou likes to take charge of the music that accompanies us on a journey.  It's like having my own personal DJ in the car. Here's one he played for me specially as he knew it would go down well.  It made rather a lovely start to the day.


  1. love this. I love this more gentler music right now.

  2. Not up-beat enough for me. I found him rather depressing.

    1. Ah - I take it you're not a Leonard fan either?!