Thursday, 17 December 2015

Is that Iggle Piggle Out There?

This was yesterday's scene from the bus stop where I wait with Louis on the mornings when he's staying here.  I always feel a bit sorry for the bleary eyed boy who accompanies me.  He  looks as if he needs an extra hour or so more in bed. Still that early bird habit isn't a bad one to instil.

The little lights out in the distance on the left hand side of the picture are boats.  I love seeing what's going on in my very own seascape that's just a puny pebble throw from my front door.  It's the first treat of the day to myself.

I'm often minded of the intro of 'In The Night Garden' when I look out to sea whilst it's still dark.  It was a TV series that Lou watched when he was little, one of those that seems to me as if it is the product of minds affected by illicit drugs.  To be honest the actual programme got on my nerves with its repetition and squeaky voices. You'll see what I mean right at the end of the clip  I loved the bit where Iggle Piggle, the little blue fellow, hoisted the lantern, snuggled up under his red blanket and sailed out to sea though.  For some reason it makes me a bit misty eyed.  Silly old sausage!  The narrator by the way is Derek Jacobi.


  1. Children are always sent to bed when they want to stay up, then are made to get up when they really want to stay in bed. Therefore, wouldn't it be better to hold school at night, starting at maybe late afternoon. Then everyone would be happy.

  2. Oh Devon My Devon, how beautiful you are, even in near darkness. What a treasure to see in the mornings. Makes it worth going to work when you have seen that. Now you stop showing people the lovely sights, we need them just for us... OK? lol no really. Just us.