Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mad Wall Update

I'm decorating the large landing upstairs  and hope to have 'Craft Corner' operational by the New Year.  It will also mean that, instead of a storage facility in bedroom two, I'll have a fully functioning guest room soon afterwards . I need one of those. When you live so close to the sea lots of people want to visit!

As a diversion from boring old  gloss painting I've been tending the  spot  in my lounge that Louis has aptly named  the 'Mad Wall'.  There's been lunch time and weekend forays into charity shops and supermarkets where I've picked up bits and bobs that have been hung alongside the original collection.  The resin stag's head from Sainsburys was the  most expensive item. I think it was ten pounds. Every other new find was a fiver or less.  That's the usual budget I'd like to stick to for these finds.

The overall effect is pleasing and yes, I have to admit it is a bit crazy.   I like to think that it creates an atmosphere of fun and frivolity, a style I've named 'Toy Shop Chic' that's got approval from Barbie Nurse.  I'm planning a similar wall in my bedroom to add  more of that colour stuff  I crave.

I thought that I'd hone in  on a couple of my bits and bobs just to show that china plates and plaques are the only things that you can hang on a wall.  Here's a weird plastic bear that I found in a Norwich charity shop for a quid.  He's got that feel about him that shouts 'Collectable!' and I like to think I got myself a real bargain.  However an Internet search to see if he's the key to my fortune has been fruitless.  He'll stay on my wall until I'm offered a mad price for him.

And here's another upcycled find that I'm dead chuffed with   A piece of local textile artist Jane Foster's work  also ended up unwanted by someone.  But Lovelygrey came to the rescue.  It is now a much loved addition to the Mad Wall and will be treasured, as befits a handmade screenprinted toy, for many years to come.


  1. And you can change/add/remove bits at will!