Tuesday, 15 December 2015


No, not a post about food.  I'll save one of those unfeasibly difficult to follow recipes with revolting looking photos for another day. I realised earlier in the week that I couldn't let today pass without marking the occasion of my two thousandth post.  Back in 2010 when I put my first hesitant words out there in the blogosphere I'd never have imagined that I'd  going strong nearly six years later.  Well, maybe not strong but still going!

My 1,000th post was illustrated by the appropriate Roman numeral.    Although I could have gone down the same route again, there's a double M in the title and I won't labour a point.  Instead here's a picture of me and my boy that you haven't seen before. It's appropriate as these daily ramblings often depict scenes from our rather blessed life.

The  earlier post contained this Zadie Smith quote:

“The very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk through my entire life.” 

These words are still pertinent but there are other reasons too for blogging.   The formation of a near daily habit has turned a vague idea that I'd like to be a writer into reality, at least in my own head.  Of course I haven't been able to give up the day job because of those huge royalty cheques but I'm still hoping!  There's often a symbiotic relationship between what I do and what I post.  'I'll give that a go so I can blog about it.' has been a thought on more than one occasion.  Yes definitely the practice has made me more audacious.  That's got to be a good thing.

If you leaf through old posts no doubt you'll find mistakes, inconsistencies, uncompleted projects, dodgy ideas and sometimes stilted language.  I do!  'Bejesus, did I write that!' I think.  Or 'Did I say that I was going to do that - really?' Yet I keep my body of work up there in its entirety.  It forms a record of the middle part of my life and is there for posterity, unless that is, some massive cyber attack destroys it.

Those words from Leonard Cohen have remained as a headline tag since the start.

'Forget your perfect offering.  There is a crack in everything.  That's how the light gets in'.

There!  Still so much relevance.  They're not about to disappear anytime soon.

Thanks for your visits especially from those who leave comments.  Your kind attention is much appreciated.

Julie AKA Lovelygrey x


  1. You should give writing a go. Nothing to lose! I enjoy reading your posts, and you never make spelling or grammar mistakes ( or typos) unlike some blogs and comments that I read……drives me nuts. Why can't they re-read before posting?..she says, desperately scanning this comment for errors!!

  2. Yes indeed - you should try writing. Daily column in the Herald Express? I try so hard not to have errors in my blogs, but occasionally they slip through the net - I blame autocorrect! I shall look forward to the next six years then :)

  3. Hi
    I really look forward to your posts every morning not only because they're entertaining and interesting but because it somehow keeps me focused on starting my own blog at some point. Need to change the name and actually post something but I still keep journaling away can't seem to blog it despite purchasing an Apple Mac with my eBay sales just for the job. I also agree that blogging takes discipline which I'm still cultivating. I've also been opened up to reading stuff that wouldn't necessarily have interested me and found new information in areas and publications which do eg your book recommendation a few posts ago. I really need to get going with mine I think it's a NYR so 1st Jan here I come lol

  4. Well I am glad you have kept at it for these years. Blogging is a great outlet for the inner writer, and we can not spend our non royalty checks together. The posts make a great time capsule as well, Imagine in 10 years you rereading about your life in Klaus.

  5. And thank you for your posts. I enjoy reading them every day.

  6. Congratulations, that is a lot of posts. Well done m'dear! x

  7. Well done on reaching 2000 posts. That's quite some undertaking. I look forward to reading the next 2000!

  8. Well done and I always read your blog every day. I find it so interesting and you make me laugh. Keep up the great writing. X

  9. Thanks for kind comments. They're appreciated. Will keep going with the next 'M'. x