Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Superb Swapsies

This pile of wood is the by-product of felling that troublesome eucalyptus tree that used to darken my backyard,  In its space  I will be erecting a  7'x5' shed.  Friends on Facebook have insisted that it's not beyond the capability of a girlie who is able to wield a power tool and can build a flatpack.  Failing that I will find a blokie mate, put on my finest damsel in distress act  and proffer beer!

In return for all that kindling I got this!......

It's vintage, maybe from the sixties and spins.  So James Bond, or at least Austin Powers!  All it needs is a huge cushion and I've got some fabric somewhere that I think will do the trick.   This will form the centrepiece of a retro-inspired sunroom.   Needless to say I'm over the moon!


  1. Everyone's a winner- I swapped a big stick for a tambourine recently [Morris dancing..don't ask!] similar result!

  2. I love swapsies , i have visions of you know sitting it that chair with a white fluffy cat in your lap, loving the little glimpses of your new home , it must be such a change after camper living

    1. Naughty friends mentioned a 'white pussy' last night when they came around last night for stew and dumplings and saw the chair. They got a proper telling off for their potty minds! I quite like the idea of a white cat sneaking through the cat flap in my back door and sitting on my lap. I wonder if it will happen? x

  3. I'm nosy. I had to pop over from Cro's blog to see what you were talking about. Good swap!