Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Force And A Packet Of Twirl Bites

Shh!  Here's that little felt Yoda that's been hanging around in my bag for most of this week who's going to be a welcome addition to Louis' Christmas stocking.  Cute isn't he?  He's come in useful for illustrating today's post.  Of course, with a twelve year old boy it had to be done.  Louis and I went off to the pictures yesterday to see 'The Force Awakens', Episode VII of the Star Wars errrr trilogy!  Well they've dragged these out haven't they?

Now I'm not generally one for the shoot 'em up variety of film. Violence doesn't float my boat at all. Peace and love and all that.  But Star Wars is an exception.  Not sure why.  Perhaps it's the overtness of the good vs. evil theme.  I live in hope that justice will prevail for ever by Episode IX.  And then there's those gorgeous costumes, the wry humour and the dinky droids.  There! That's enough reasons to tag along to the cinema.

Of course we snuck in a drink and sweeties.  I refuse to pay the exorbitant in-house prices for film snacking  although I did acquiesce and buy a coffee that was big enough to cause me to cross my legs for half the performance!  Louis guarded the Twirl Bites.  He gets rather possessive over chocolate even when I'm the one who's paid for it.  'You  can't have one until someone's been killed' he announced at the start of the film as we donned our 3D glasses.   Blimey he likes to lay down the law.   'Look' he whispered a minute in.  'It won't be long.  The Storm Troopers have arrived!'.  Soon enough  a chocolate was popped in my mouth.  'Told you!' he said triumphantly.


  1. I think the three kids will be going Tuesday and make a sibling night of it, though they might let hubs and I tag along, though both of us work the next day. You hit the nail on the head about why I seem to enjoy an older rental at home more than the theater. I can drink and nosh to my hearts content, and just pause when I need to take an urgent break as opposed to either suffering, or missing part of the movie.

  2. I've not seen one, and never will. My 2 London grandsons went on Saturday and loved it. I hadn't realised it was in 3D.

  3. I too am a cinema smuggler! Google those words and add Lancashire Hotpots!!

    1. Now that is funny. I'm so proud to be a cinema smuggler! xx