Monday, 28 December 2015

Two Blokes: Joseph and Joseph Perhaps?

A little bit earlier than usual Louis is back.  Yay!  Holiday routines are sometimes different.   I met him off the bus in town yesterday morning and we stopped on the harbour for  coffee for me and lemonade for him.   Afterwards we popped into a lovely shop which has kitchenware and gifts.

Now I know that chopping boards are a funny thing to lust over but I love these from the Joseph Joseph range.  They exude order.  The shop sells them and I wondered if they'd be reduced in their sale.  Alas no.  It's probably a good thing.  I need to save pennies for a new bathroom that I hope will be fitted imminently.

We both continued to mooch.  I was casting an eye over Christmas tree decorations, 50% off.  Louis was looking at some of those shabby chic canvases with inspirational and funny quotes.  He read one out.  His voice rang out clear and loud.

'A WOMAN'S FANTASY IS HAVING TWO MEN AT ONCE' he began.  As my heart seemed to stop beating and I waited for that magical hole in the floor to swallow me up  I met eyes with the lady behind the cash desk.  Our jaws dropped simultaneously.

'ONE TO COOK AND ONE TO CLEAN!'  There was  a collective sigh of relief.  We began to giggle uncontrollably.  My laughter didn't really stop until I was halfway up the hill home.


  1. It could have been worse ! Pleased to hear that you have got your boy back again. I love the Joseph Joseph range of kitchen goodies, though I haven't actually got any. A bit too expensive to treat oneself, though I have bought things for presents. ( I tell a lie…… just remembered ,my husband bought me a red chopping board with folds in it a few years ago. …yes I am the cooking one……not so good on the cleaning!)

  2. I go weak from excitement in cooking shops but rarely buy due to the expense for items I might use so irregularly. A cutting board is daily use so I splurged a few times there.

  3. I can imagine your heart almost stopping before the second line.