Friday, 18 December 2015

What's In The Bag

Yesterday Cro at Magnon's Meanderings took inspiration for his daily post from the photographer Jason Travis, who takes pictures of the contents of stranger's bags.  'That's a blooming good idea!' I
thought.  So now it's my turn to share what I lug around on my shoulder all day.  It gave me a good excuse for a tidy after all:

So here we have:

Tablet - kindly donated by my employer for personal and private use.  I gave my own one to my brother.  I'm not a fan of having more stuff than I need.
Charger for my laptop - not the device itself as that was by my bed when the picture was taken.
Boomerang umbrella - safe and sound  in my possession - for now!
My purse -  with an inordinate amount of cards but not....
A whole load of loose change - I'm a bit forgetful with zips at times.
Till receipts - now binned following the photo shoot.
Teeny pieces of sweet wrappers - ditto
Pencil case and a tape measure - my nursing colleagues rib me.  Apparently every occupational therapist has those
Loose pens - that zip problem again.  They include my gorgeous fountain pen that makes my writing neater.  It's fairly new and came with a couple of cartridge but there's also an ink converter in the bag for when I move onto the Quink.
Some heart shaped post-it notes.  A impulsive gift from my head occupational therapist, Sarah Joy.
Silver paper hat and nail clippers - from a 'posh' Christmas cracker that I pulled at the weekend
Sunglasses - as I live in hope of some rays
Hand sanitiser - for those less than sanitary situations
My latest reading - I'm still absorbed in finding out about that sensory stuff.
Pear in a bag - part of my lunch
Blue spotty paper bag - containing a scrabble keyring with the letter L.  Louis bought it for himself the other day.
Gauzy bag - containing a handmade felt Yoda.  For Louis' Christmas stocking.  Good job he doesn't read my blog
Rubberised monster purse - contains my pendulum in case I fancy a swing!
And a soft velvety bag containing my phone charger but not the lead.  That's another of those things that's escaped from its proper home.


  1. Fascinating! One thought - not a good idea to be too forgetful with zips when getting dressed to go to work, or indeed on a date. Could possibly give out the wrong impression :)

    1. Good thinking - I will be extra careful! x

  2. I think I may add hand sanitiser and fold-up brolly to my bag, both essential.

  3. Oh I forgot there's also a memory assessment in the picture that I stuck in before an assessment visit the other day!