Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Good Day At The Office

Years ago someone told me  that I was put on this earth to be a healer.  So off I trotted and became a tax accountant for nine years!  It was the very same person told me I'd been reincarnated many times and that they could see me in one life looking out to sea and waiting for someone who never returned.
I'm not sure what that was about.  Was is at Brixham and that's why I'm back here? Who knows!

Since my marriage separation I've explored a spirituality that's viewed as alternative, or indeed complete tosh, by some.  I also spend time with The Prof a bit these days as I'm helping her implement a research project that designed to be as robust as possible from an academic perspective.  I tease her, saying I've come to decisions based on my 'evidenced based' angel cards or the swing of a pendulum. 'What the hell am I doing hanging out with you!'  she says.

Those prophecies about being a healer may have come true, played out in the arena of mainstream healthcare.  At times, it seems no less a spiritual pathway for being conventional.   For instance there was a time just before Christmas I 'connected' with an elderly man. His perceptions were awry due to multiple strokes.  I sat on the carpet, stroked his hands and looked into his eyes as I talked slowly.  He repeatedly and gently  asked me if I was okay.  And then I got a smile.  'That's the first time he's done that in ages.' said his family.  'Did you realise that you were probably sitting in wee?' remarked my student, who'd come on the visit with me.  'No matter.' I replied.  'Clothes can be washed.'

When I can forget the cumbersome paperwork or I'm not bogged down in trying to find services for someone in an overstretched health and social care environment  I am very content in my job. Yesterday was very satisfying indeed.   I saw four people on caseload and came away knowing that I'd made a positive difference in each and every case. Could it be that days like these are so fulfilling because I am aligned to my life purpose?


  1. I once did an online test to see what my top five strengths were. Apparently if whatever you do in life uses at least three of those strengths, you will be happy and fulfilled. I guess your job must be using your strengths then - lucky people you help!! :)

  2. Yip, who cares about a little ole wee when you made an old man smile for the first time in ages. I think you have the gift, for sure. Greetings Jo

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jo. My body fluids horror lessened greatly after having a child! x

  3. There is no better feeling to have those days at work when the rewards come from the soul.