Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Life Well Lived

RIP David Bowie. So sudden.  Just on Friday, I was having a little music sesh with Barbie Nurse and 'Ken' and eschewing this man's praises.  I shared my favourite track, the one I'd blogged about on Christmas Eve.  This was Barbies Nurse's haunting choice.

As I was driving home last night, a tribute was playing on the PM programme on Radio 4.  The presenter talked about the fullness of Bowie's life and marvelled at the reaches of his creativity.  I'd be dead proud, if when sitting on my cloud after I've gone, I heard those who knew me saying the same about me.  My sense of mortality that was borne from a time when I looked death in the eye has made me bolder, more productive.  We have just a short span on this earth.

Take inspiration from this man whose talents spanned many arenas.  Carpe diem peeps.  Live life as if each day were your last!


  1. I already do! I mean, it is pretty obvious with all the high octane activities I do.....
    I was really saddened by the news. I wouldn't profess to be a superfan but I did like some of his music. What I did like about him was that he appeared to be a jolly good sort. Cancer is the pits.

  2. I hope his legacy continues to inspire people to be themselves not sheeple as seems to be the way with many these days.
    PS My favourite song ever was The Laughing Gnome!

  3. Bowie was one of my favourite's way back and I had several of his albums. Such a poised and lovely person. I shall miss him as much as I miss poor old Freddy Mercury.

  4. I love what he said near the end, " I don't know where I'm going, but it won't be boring."

  5. I am deeply saddened by this news, he was a big part of my life and was just slightly younger than I am.