Saturday, 2 January 2016

Bashing a Monkey

The Second Martha Stewart and her family arrive from the States each year for Christmas and take over a big house overlooking the sea.  Heading to Exmouth on New Year's Day has become a bit of a tradition.  A big group of friends descend on the place, she cooks with leftovers and we 'help' eat up all the food she has left over from the festivities.  It is an absolute chore!

I'm always laden with goodies when I leave too.  Last year it was a gorgeous pork tenderloin, smoked salmon and Gu puddings.  This time my stash included cakes and cookies, smoked duck breast  and about 2kg of duck confit.  I feel a few cassoulets coming on.  Watch this space for one of those mad recipes that I'll defy you to follow.

Red Mel came with me this year as she's been staying for the last couple of nights. She brought fizz for the hostess who definitely has the mostest and this, a cute monkey shaped pinata stuffed with sweets. Genius!  For a excited gaggle of kids are around on this day.  They thrashed the living daylights out of it and little Frank claimed the decapitated head.  It went down an absolute treat!


  1. Anyone who gives you 2 kgs of Confit should be treasured!