Saturday, 23 January 2016

Grey Top

It's D-Day on Tuesday. Or maybe that should be called B-Day for it's when all the bits and bobs that are needed to transform my bathroom are arriving. Actually bits and bobs is an understatement. There's loads of stuff arriving: tiles, a wash basin, toilet and a bath of course.  I'm not someone who could make do with a just a shower cubicle.  I like the occasional, indulgent soak....with bubbles!

It means that I've got just three days left to clear what will eventually be my spare room so I can store it all until the fitter arrives on 1 February.  I'll be cracking on with that over the weekend after a nice coastal walk to start my Saturday.  At the moment it's still in a state of carnage.   I'm a bit amazed by all we've accumulated over the years and didn't need when living in the motorhome.  I thought I'd done a good job of sorting it out when we moved out of our last home.  But lots more stuff is being shed.  There's been trips to the dump and gifts to friends and the charity shop.

I came acroos this  picture that Louis did at nursery.  Of course it's a keeper.  As you can see I'm instantly recognisable!


  1. Switching jobs all my daughters prek art work came down but I've kept it. Have a great walk.

    1. I don't have all Louis' art ever but I've framed a few bits. Hope the new job is going well. x