Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Keeping A Kid Talking

My parenting style may look pretty chilled and carefree it but the way that I interact with my twelve year old son, Louis, is actually thought out very carefully.   For example, if he tells me a rude joke I often laugh my socks off.  I'll only comment negatively if I find his material offensive or inappropriate.  It sometimes is as playground censorship isn't all it should be.

What my liberal stance means is that lines of communication are kept open. At times he's shared some pretty difficult stuff which I've then been able to deal with in an appropriate adult way. I'm not sure he would be so open if I told him off every time his humour was a bit lewd.  After all I'm not as green as they come.  He won't stop being smutty at my behest.  It would just be kept under the parental radar. It's best that I know what's going on.

Anyway I'm up for a good bum, fart or willy joke myself.  This is one of the titbits that Louis shared the other day. It's a bit rude and yes, childish but dead funny.


  1. I was always pretty open with my children, but there were accepted limits; as I presume there are in every family. Let's hope that we never go back to the prudery of Victorian times, but I do wince a bit when I see 'babygrows' with 'Fuck off' written all over them.

    1. Ye gods. Does such a thing exist?!!!!! x

  2. ditto parenting style- sometimes it has meant some very frank questions and been a bit eye opening at times [me not him. He's rude but also very polite and helpful. I just parent on instinct with a good old fashioned dollop of discipline and respect [both ways] thrown in for good measure and tend to ignore what everyone else does. Arilx

  3. We have had some amazing conversations around the dinner table in this house. It can seem a little overwhelming if we have guests, but I think it's vital to have an open style of parenting (with clear and fair boundaries). My 4 seem to be doing OK so far ......