Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mad Walls Mk. 1 and 2

My mad wall is complete! Well maybe one little long thing can go in the far bottom corner. Now my assorted collection of odds and sods curve around the TV screen when it's positioned in exactly the right place. Since I last shared the work in progres I've added finds from the charity shops along with other bits and pieces from around the home.  They include a dinky Japanese doll that's meant to be a Christmas tree decoration and the bit of pier that I found on Brighton Beach.

Feedback from friends has been very positive.  They seem to think that the hotchpotch works well. 'If I did that it would look like a dog's dinner' said the Second Martha Stewart.  She thought though that I've pulled it off.  I wonder if it's because I've made mosaics in the past.  My random wall art seems to have a similar feel.

The unattractive tangle of wires at the bottom of the picture is part of Louis' latest haul.  He was given an Xbox 360 and lots of games by Barbie Nurse's son.  Of course he's over the moon.  I am too.  It saves me buying the games console I'd planned as a birthday gift.  Nothing like a bit of secondhand recycling to warm the cockles of my heart.  I must get it looking tidier though.
Well making that was fun but what now?  Mad Wall Mk 2 of course. I'm thinking that the chimney breast in my bedroom could do with some livening up after it's been redecorated up there.

In the meantime the collecting goes on.  All but the funky bird clock (£4 in IKEA) are things that I've had already.  They'll grace my pallet table until they're ready to be hung. I'll be adding to them over the next few months. It's a lovely excuse for charity shopping after I've said that clothes are a no-no!


  1. Absolutely excellent and you can change items at will. If you do the whole house will it then become a mad-house [just joking!]

  2. Loving the madness of it all - a really good way to display all charity shop treasures too :)

  3. The wall looks great - very artistic and fluid. I'm wondering about your mad walk though!

  4. What a great idea, a mad wall! Love it.

  5. its a wall of real interest and I like how it goes to the skirting board.

  6. I love this mad wall although I don't think it's mad at all. I find it interesting