Thursday, 14 January 2016

Marge Simpson: Sex Symbol

Let's lighten up shall we?  The last couple of posts have been on the heavy side after all. This made me giggle.  Nancy Cartwright is, of course, the voice of Bart Simpson.  I have to let you know that her husband isn't the only one who's a bit aroused by the lady with the blue hair.  Honest to God, someone once shared their lust for Marge Simpson with me. Maybe they'll remain nameless if they offer up a big fat bribe. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  It could be that extortion may be the only way of making ends meet given that it doesn't look like we'll have a meaningful pay rise in the NHS for years to come.

This fantasy could far more common than we'd ever believe.  Might I be onto something here? I like to think that perhaps there are women all around the globe, who are donning a big blue wig for the sake of spicing up their flagging love lives.  Ann Summers, I believe that I have an idea for a new product line!


  1. anyone with a big blue beehive rocks!!xx

    1. There was a lovely occupational therapy lecturer called Marg at Plymouth University. She'd previously worked with children and had a big blue wig to engage them and help them not to be scared of her. I've just remembered that. x