Sunday, 31 January 2016

Other People's Husbands

Yep I'm still single, not surprising since my tactic of late on that dating site has involved adopting a near total stance of passivity. Sometimes I'll glance at a profile of someone who's shown interest.  If they're particularly cute, or conversely, odd I might give Chicken Mama, who sits next to me at work, a peep.   But apart from the accidental winks that I give to people instead of pressing the back button on my phone, that's about it. To be honest, I'm too busy to give the process much time and attention. It can tick along in the background until......

So why am I still bothering given that my life is pretty full and contented anyway?  Shouldn't I be considering that man hating mantle that I've seen others divorcees adopt to avoid hurt and let down? After all my own marriage wasn't a walk in the park, particularly in the last few years. Duh!  If it had been okay I'd still be there. It's not as if I'm particularly flighty.

What stops me giving up altogether are the brilliant examples set by many of the menfolk of friends, family and the people that I meet in my professional life.  I get to peer in on shared love and laughter during the good moments and those that are  goddamned awful.   As a singleton with no predatory instincts I'm allowed to borrow  the kind partners of my girlfriends sometimes too!  Barbie Nurse's Ken set up Louis' Xbox the other day, a job that would have taken me yonks.  It was a friend's husband who sat with me in a French hospital until midnight with Louis a couple of years ago.

Yes, there's many decent blokes who set enough of a good example in their own relationship for me to think that coupledom might be something for me to try again one day.  A chance to get it right another time around.  It seems that other people's husbands hold onto hope with me.  For they're often the ones who are urging me not to throw in the towel on the whole idea.


  1. Love the picture….my son had himself and his new wife created in icing for the top of their wedding cake last October. It was very cleverly done!

  2. My son and his wife were married in September last year and had Lego newly weds on top of their cake which after the wedding promptly disappeared lol. My first marriage which produced all four of my great kids was not great. My second is fantastic. I have never been a man hater and there are some lovely blokes out there you will find the right one for you when the time is right as long as you are open to it which I suspect you are.

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    1. Didn't mean to remove. One of those online accidents :( x

  4. I'm told that occasionally I'm tolerable; but I wouldn't bet on it.

  5. Live life just the way you are. You never know what or who may be just around the corner.

  6. Don't give up on the internet dating just yet, I know several spectacularly successful matches made there....

  7. There are some good ones, I've had mine for 50 years and still think he's wonderful.

  8. A friend started seeing someone she had known for years.(They both found themselves single again.)When I asked why, she said she now sees another side of him that is different to when he was just a friend and she only knew him as another person's husband.

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