Saturday, 30 January 2016

RIP Paul

I went to an amazing funeral yesterday for my funny, kind and dedicated colleague who passed away suddenly.  Mr Metrosexual and Kanga had worked with him at earlier stages in his career so I gave them a lift  as they wished to pay their respects too.   'I wanted to come because he was so good to me.' I told Kanga in the car.  She had no hesitation in replying.  'He was like that with everyone.'

We arrived thirty minutes early and there was already nowhere to sit so we stood at the back.  'It's a good turnout.' I heard someone say behind me.  'He was a very well liked man.'  More people streamed in behind Paul's coffin and the numbers in the already packed church doubled.  It included many members of his football club wearing team strip.   How much comfort must his family have gained from knowing that this guy was so respected and loved?  At the end we are not measured in terms of material gain but the effect that our own life has had on others.  This was a large life.

These words from the Book of Wisdom were read, a reminder that a meaningful full life might not necessarily stretch to its expected  span.

I phoned my mum later in the evening and told her about the service and the wonderful memories that had been shared.  Louis overheard my conversation.  Afterwards he summed things up nicely in a no nonsense kid way.  'If that man doesn't go to heaven then we are all screwed!'


  1. Lovely fitting tribute to your friend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We should all have such a life and people like him in our life to share it with.

  3. As long as his memory is shared he'll go on.

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