Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Spud Update

Here's a strange botanical specimen that I spotted at The Eden Project.  I nearly convinced the others that potatoes grow on trees.  Lord knows what it really was!  It'll do nicely as the illustration for my 'Couch to 5K update.

Sheer apathy or re-emergence of knee dodginess thankfully hasn't forced an early retirement from the scheme.  In fact I'm well into week two.  I'll 'fess up.  On two occasions my jaunts have been three days apart rather than two.  Really torrential rain put me off on one occasion. 'No way am I going out in that!!!!!' I told myself as I snuggled up in bed. I'll put up with the odd shower though.  After all I'm a real runner now albeit a puny one! It's a bit of an effort to get going when it's dank and drizzly but once I'm out I enjoy myself.

The first week alternating 60 second bursts of running with fast 90 second walks was easy.  There!  Perhaps I wasn't as unfit as I thought after all.  This week the pace has been stepped up but it still doesn't feel too drastic.  The longer 90 second jogs are interspersed with two minutes of walking.   It's entirely manageable.  I get home from my little half hour circut feeling invigorated and for some reason my skin always feels great afterwards.  Like I've had some sort of peely face mask.  I'm not sure why  but bring it on!


  1. Good for you. Perhaps I'll get motivated yet to follow suit. Keep posting updates.

  2. Wish I hadn't read this post,I feel like a slug now. lol

  3. Don't push your luck with the dodgy knee. I couldn't run to the corner of the street, ha ha. (arthritis) Everything clicks ( especially hips knees and elbows) when I move. You have the right idea...go at your own pace. Good Luck with your mileage.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. It's appreciated. x