Friday, 15 January 2016

Who Knows?

Reiki Ray popped round last night to sort out my energy levels, eat and disseminate his own brand of wisdom or madness.  It depends on your perspective.  He's a vegetarian so I cooked him Daily Dal topped with grilled halloumi, a wonderful East-West combination. The texture and flavour of the salty cheese works  really well with the soft spiced lentils. Ray left with a doggie bag for today's lunch.  I reckon though that he could have nobbled some of the stuff that I was cooking up for a cassoulet if I hadn't been watching carefully.  'That looks bloody lovely!' he said as he eyed up a ham hock.  I don't reckon that he's a man you could really trust if he stayed overnight and the leftovers of a cooked chicken were in the fridge!  It would be like the Secret Lemonade Drinker....but with meat.

And it's official.  According to Ray I've been in Brixham before in a past life in the 19th century.  So too seemingly were many of my friends, family and acquaintances past and present!  The here and now is like one bloody great reunion!  Remember that person who took me that I waited for someone who went to see and never came back?  Yep,  apparently that happened here.

Now I know that there's a lot of people out there who will be pooh-poohing this, assigning the 'bollocks' label. There are also those who believe that this kind of 'dabbling' is dangerous stuff indeed. Me?  I'll keep a very open mind thank you very much.  But what's occurred to me over the last few day is whatever I choose to believe is somewhat inconsequential. Truth is the truth no matter.


  1. Nope-not pooh pooing anything. While I've never explored deeply my past, or pasts I should say, I do think there is a universe around us, and space and time, and souls float and reemerge, and it is all part of God's big universal, confusing to mere mortals, how things just are. I stop trying to figure things out, and go with coincidence isn't always coincidence, and there is a blending of past, present, and future. Now your turn to pooh poo me if you need, but I think dreams are glimpses of things we've done or seen before or will in some new future.

  2. Halloumi on top of dhal- you're talking my kind of language!

  3. I have a totally open mind on this subject, if it works for me, I believe it so I don't doubt it works for you!

  4. I'm in the pooh-poohing category. Certain peoples lives are so dull and tedious that they find it necessary to dream of previous lives, deities, heaven, ghosts, UFO's, pixies, etc. Believe me; all the invisible stuff is invisible for a very good reason... it doesn't exist.

    1. Ah but half of Brixham saw a fighter jet chasing a UFO in the sixties! Mr Metrosexual stands firmly in your camp (although finds Reiki Ray a scream - it's in the delivery!). He maintains that his sister watched the action from the school playground. And I'm sure I've just spotted a pixie in the garden.....! x