Sunday, 10 January 2016

Winter Waspie

I don't want to speak too soon but by the end of the week I may well have a crafting area on my landing. It's all painted at last, not to the high spec that Papa Lovelygrey would expect, for he was a painter and decorator, but it will do.  I'm sure he'd find bits where he'd hold his hands up with horror but those walls were rough.  I haven't the time to hang around for a plasterer, and in any case, they'll mostly be covered by shelving.

I thought I'd give the carpets a good clean before moving in the furniture. Lo and behold, as I was just about to start the job, I found this creature.  Sluggish but alive and well.  In January!

Now I'll come clean and say that wasps weren't my favourite creatures for a long time.  Anyone who's ever had a blast of their neurotoxin, seemingly for no reason other than malice, will understand why. But since a bunch of them built a nest in my compost heap I've marvelled at their cleverness.  That structure was so fine and intricate.  They didn't get troublesome until the autumn either.  Then I'm afraid that, at a neighbour's request, Rentokil had to move in.

I was loathe to terminate the life of this little beastie.  After all, a little bit of Internet research suggested that, due to her size, she might be a queen.  Apparently, I found out that wasps provide effective pest control so they're not completely devil spawn after all.  And I'd listened to a TED talk by a monk, Matthieu Ricard earlier in the day. He'd advocated that we adopt altruism as a lifestyle, not only towards  humans but to other animals.

Lesson learned.  I carefully picked queen wasp up.  She was verrrrry sleepy and I've popped her at the back of a cupboard with the door open a crack so she can get out when she wants to leave. Hopefully she'll wake up in the spring and find somewhere to build her home, a long way from my own garden!


  1. I hope she doesn't decide to set up home in your cupboard!

  2. Frances has just said what I thought! I hate wasps! So it's good that you seem to be the ying to my yang on this one!

  3. Duh! Hadn't thought of that. Will keep checking the cupboard! xx

  4. I'm one of those poor souls who have to carry an EPI pen due to a severe allergic reaction from being stung by a wasp. I'd been stung before and had no problem but a couple of years ago I was stung and the reaction was bad. My doctor said that our immune system changes as we grow older and we develop new allergies.

    1. You best not hang around outside my cupboard then! x