Saturday, 27 February 2016

168 Hours

The current blip in my mental state has initiated a bit of hearty navel gazing.  What do I want from life?

It's occurred to me that I can't do absolutely everything that I need and want to do. Things have to be prioritised.  Maybe before I was trying to live as if there were more hours in the week than there actually are. Of course this isn't possible. Each and every one of us only has a fixed amount of time. Just like money perhaps it needs to be budgeted.  It seemed a pretty good idea to reflect on this.

So here's is my first pretty flawed attempt to allocate time over an 'ideal' working week. The first figure after each activity shows the amount of hours to be spent on it.  The second is a countdown from the weekly total of 168 hours.

I've done this exercise on the basis that I'd be getting enough sleep and am back to the office full-time.  I wanted to make sure that exercise and meditation were prioritized too. I've also accounted for the fact that I'll  be studying again soon.

What I've noticed is that I haven't factored in any time for travel, appointments or keeping in touch with family and friends let alone a nice long bath or time watching the odd movie or two.  Lordy, this is difficult.  No wonder everything goes to pot when this moves away from being a theoretical exercise and translates to real life!  It certainly gives me a clear picture of why things go wrong when I'm working more than my contracted hours.

So this is something I'll be pondering on over the coming days.  Maybe there's ways that I can cut or combine the hours spent on some activities in my life to make room for those that hold greater meaning.  Watch this space.  I'll come back on this one!


  1. Great post. Something to think about as we move into a new season. Twochours a day for exercise and meditation-thats terrific and I need to do more (any) of both.

    1. I think it's a case of just making a little bit of exercise/meditation routine to begin with and then building up. x

  2. Inspiring. As a retired lady with few commitments, I've become increasingly annoyed at the amount of time I just fritter away each day. Here I am with too much time, and yet with the majority of my life behind me, not enough. Better stop wasting it!

    1. It's very easy to fritter away time. I do. What this exercise has shown is that I don't have the luxury of doing that with working full time and a return to study. x

  3. Oh lovely grey,
    Wow trying to schedule in luxury things, no one can do that!. 2 hours health n fitness a day.
    Wish I could no way!. I think you have totally unreal expectations!.
    Yes I would dream of me time. Scheduling art time crazy you can,t
    Work eat sleep in ideal world, art n read.

    1. After doing this exercise I agree with you - to an extent! This was an mechanistic process and cannot capture real life. Re: the health and fitness thing I don't see that as a luxury but a necessity that allows me to be effective in other areas of my life. The exercise will not be allocated as one hour per day - a long walk at the weekend counts. Similarly vigorous housework or gardening counts as exercise. And I will be making time for arty pursuits. For without them I do not feel whole.

      More on this at a later stage when I've reflected further.

      Ta for your thought provoking comment. x