Sunday, 21 February 2016

Another Nook

I'm scheduling  ahead for at the time that I  normally publish posts I'll have only been in bed for a couple of hours. We'll hopefully have been to a flamenco club in Granada and because it's Spain the action won't have started until stupid o' clock.

So I'm taking you all on a virtual trip back to my  place. Over the last few weeks my homemaking has been coming on in leaps and bounds.  Here's my work space at the top of the stairs. In a normal '30s semi it would have been the box room but the former owners opened it up when they had the loft conversion.  It works and now is a light, bright area that's just right for crafting with plenty of storage for tools and materials. Not the prettiest corner of my home granted but here I was aiming for utility rather than aesthetics. I think it will work.  Look out for some printing, jewellery and mosaics soon!