Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bathroom or Building Site?

Like it?  My bathroom is hardcore shabby chic at the moment. The only operational toilet is in that teeny tiny room downstairs. Scope for maintaining personal hygiene is very limited indeed.Louis is delighted as that aversion to water seen in most well-rounded small boys can be nurtured.  Me?  When walking the Appalachian Trail I was seen as OCD for my capacious use of wet wipes.  Most others were happy to smell as nature intended between stops in towns.  Believe me after four days the stench of an unwashed human body isn't an odour I'd like to be associated with.  I can't bear being dirty.   My brother says that girlie nadders become self cleaning after two months. He then said that he was joking.  Even if he wasn't I wouldn't be embarking on a trial to find out.  Anyway the bathroom will be finished in a week.  There may even be an operational bath, albeit in stark surroundings by this weekend.

In the meantime  an act of killing two birds with one stone has ensued. I've taken to the local pool.  Non weight bearing but aerobic exercise combined with the ability to shower.  Perfect! I'm a real water babe and can swim until I get bored.  I might even keep it up after I've got a finished bathroom to show you. Watch this space for that rather impressive makeover.


  1. I think we may be going through this quite soon; you've made me even more depressed at the thought.

    1. Can't you wait until your swimming pool is up and running and then take in the soap! x

  2. Phew glad you've got a working loo at least!

  3. Ooh I think it's exciting renovating rooms etc just think how fab it will be once it's finished and you can play around with decor

  4. We have two bathrooms in need-but one at a time. I remember with our first house having to use a nearby gas station one night, all night, because toilet wasn't cooperating on the fix ad I was 6 months pregnant.