Saturday, 6 February 2016

Down To Earth And Up In The Clouds

Time for some bollocks or spiritual reflection.  It all depends on your perspective. In recent years I've learnt to be very accepting of  the different ways that others make sense of the world.  My way of doing, thinking and believing is very personal to me.  Everyone else can work what suits them best. Anyway I've bought myself a new pack of angel cards.  It's one that features in the free readings on Angel Messenger that I sometimes use.  This was the first that I drew.  Spooky!

Yes, I'm heeding this.  For instance,  I'm swimming most days. For the moment it's in a pool but I find it such a sterile environment.  I'd prefer to be outside.  For a time now, I've been a passive member of an wild swimming group on Facebook. Someone actively involved has been gauging other people's interest before she organised a talk about swimming safely with seals. It seems that my mammalian Brixham chums are keen to be friendly.  I made contact and asked if attendance at this event might be an good introduction to the group.  There was a swift response inviting me for a sea swim.  'What's the temperature at this time of year? I asked, for I am a namby-pamby when it comes to being cold.  'Eight degrees'  Yikes!  I'm going to have to psyche myself up.  Apparently you can acclimatise quite easily.  I'll have to sleep on that one.

And sleep I have, right through the night! It's almost unheard of.  The Zzzzzz-drug that the doctor prescribed has worked a treat but I took my final one last night.   I'm hoping that the short medication course has kickstarted a habit where I won't find myself lying awake in the wee hours anymore.

I've organised appointments next week for counselling and physiotherapy to nurture my head and leg. The GP is also investigating where to refer me for a dyspraxia assessment.    I'd been putting this off fearing that others would see it as an irrelevance given that I've lived and learnt to cope over the last fifty years.  It's lovely to know that someone with medical knowledge doesn't think that I'm being over indulgent.

So I hope Teresa With The Wings thinks that I am heeding her,advice.  I'll end today with a link to the current meditation I'm using regularly.  Steer clear if angels aren't your bag but I've found this helpful for reflecting on healing in its widest sense. Even though I'm supposed to be focusing on myself, it feels good from a wellbeing perspective to keep others in mind.


  1. The swimming sounds wonderful but water temp brrrr. If the Angel cards help reinforce positive momentum, go for them. I've never heard of them before your post.

  2. Angels are definitely my thing. Take care of you.

  3. I read that as "a link to my current medication I'm using regularly" ha ha. I'm keeping an open mind. Nothing is B.ll..ks if it helps. You wouldn't get me in that water though.

  4. Our swimming pool was 5° yesterday. You'd be better swimming in the sea than our pool

  5. I am with Caz, in that I misread meditation too. As for swimming, I try to avoid it at all costs. I hope you will enjoy it though.