Monday, 15 February 2016

In The Interim

In lieu of the unveiling of my new bathroom I thought I'd show you how another room is coming on. Previously I'd complained that my bedroom was  gloomy  in spite of having the white walls, one of my home decor trademarks. They are in a poor state and along with the woodwork desperately need TLC in the form of a bit of plasterwork and new coats of paint.  It's a big daunting job which will take time that that I don't have at the moment. So for the time-being I'll have to live with what I've got.  In terms of a temporary transformation where I can happily spend time I might have suddenly cracked it.

My bedroom has quite an odd extension that's housed an exercise bike and a box of books since I moved here.  It's quite an weird space, like an afterthought.  I've been toying with the idea of a relaxation/ meditation space but was struggling to come up with ideas of how this might be achieved on a limited budget,

I found  a small retro-style settee in a charity shop which is due to be delivered today.  It will provide extra seating in the sunroom.  Its imminent arrival called for a hasty rearrangement of furniture downstairs and this wobbly old display cabinet became spare.  I thought that I'd stick it outside the house to see if it would be rehomed but then wondered if it would serve as a bookcase upstairs.  As you see it fits a treat.  I've stolen the idea of storing the books in a rainbow order from Red Mel's son Toby.  Sod the Dewey Decimal System. Aesthetically libraries up and down the country could learn a thing or two.

The other side of the extension has a bit of a Yellowstone theme going on.  It needs a bit more work but its way better than the grim corner that it was just a few days ago. There's a bargain five dollar Old Faithful poster with a rather kitsch bear gazing on at an eruption.  My old Lloyd Loom  chair that needs painting and reupholstering is disguised with a geyser-inspired throw, a gift from our friends John and Julie.  The lamp was a spare. This corner needs work but it's getting there.  I want to source a small table and possibly a footstool.  I already had the rug.  It used to live under my pallet table in the living room until  I replaced it with the bigger more colourful raggy one.You'd think that mix of fabrics covering the chair and floor would be a no-no but funnily enough I think I've got away with it.

Here's where the Union Jack chair ended up!  The utility chest of drawers that's been with me since childhood isn't really a good match with the other furniture and will be moved to the spare room when the right replacement turns up.  I'm on the lookout for something that's more in keeping with my Edwardian wardrobe.  With dark wood not being particularly fashionable right now it might come at a bargain price.

I couldn't resist showing off my hat collection even though my door needs a right good glossing.

And here's my decluttered bedside table with just the book that's on the go at the moment.  I have to say that Norwegian Wood by Murakami is an absolute cracker in reading terms.

With the addition of texture and colour I've succeeded in making this room a cosy space.  All of a sudden I love it!  It might even be my favourite room in the house. I had in mind that it would be my personal space, an adult only sanctuary for recuperation and reflection.  It seems that the kid of the house has other ideas. He's rather taken with it too!


  1. And no wonder he is.....I think it's bloody lovely. The white walls and bed linen with the added different textures of the throws, plus the rug and furniture, all just work so well. The Union Jack chair is genius.

  2. How fab everything looks I'm inspired. I have a hat collection too I might just do a post lol.

  3. That Looks lovely. White walls are definitely the way to go - they set off the look of the room perfectly. My OCD would have to have all the spines of the books parallel, but I really like the rainbow effect - very Zen :)

  4. You could paint the utility chest of drawers and buy some funky handles and then it would look completely different. Love the rainbow book arrangement.

  5. I was thinking like Aril. It's a good size and cut to the dresser. Some paint could make it perfect in your room or another. Enjoy your book nook.

  6. Glad you all like it. Re: The Chest of Drawers I will never paint it. It's a sentimental thing. My dad restored it when I was little so it holds many memories as it is. xx