Wednesday, 3 February 2016

One For Me

Move over 'So Long Marianne' for  'My Oh My'.  'I've mentioned before that I'm much keener on the newer work of my mucker Leonard Cohen.  Ditto Billy Bragg whose musical style has mellowed with time even though he still packs a poetic punch message-wise.  This one, not of the olde-worlde protest song variety, is a favourite that speaks to my inner eternal optimist who remains in spite of the stressy head. Even though she's taken a bit of a knock lately, she's still there holding her half full glass  high.  It contains beer of the ginger variety rather than my preferred hoppy version.  I'm told by my GP that sleeping pills and alcohol should not be mixed.   I remained in the Land of Nod last night for the first time in yonks.  A decent kip does wonders for keeping all those hopes of a good tomorrow alive!


  1. I wrote a little post on Matcha tea just playing about with blogging as a newby etc. I found drinking Matcha calmed me down significantly whilst also enabling a good nights sleep plus lots of other benefits. I mention this as a long term option instead of sleeping pills although it's not cheap to buy. It may also help with your dodgy knee it's done wonders for my joints lol. Hope you feeling better


    Here's Wendy's article for others out there. May give it a try. I could be passing a healthfood store today x


      Oops that was just the link to the blog. Here's the one to the actual article. x