Monday, 1 February 2016


More money spent!  I've could really be mistaken for a shopaholic since I moved into my home.  Yet I'm not a person who changes their interior decor to keep up with current trends. White walls accesorised with lots of colour is likely to be the style that I'll embrace for a lifetime.  I'm hoping that my furnishings will stand the test of time.

Downstairs is echoey as it's a big open plan space.  Four rooms in one really.  Sound waves bouncing off surfaces do not create that air of cosyness that Louis and I crave.  Soft stuff is needed to act as mufflers.  There you go.  I do remember some of the physics that I studied to A-level.  It sometimes comes in handy in everyday life.

In my quest for acoustic perfection I decided that more rugs to cover the bare boards and the ceramic tiles which form my downstairs flooring.  I'm delighted with the beautiful Habitat one and am now a rag rug convert.  In an ideal world I'd be making my own but hey I'm not delusional enough to think that I could knock a couple up in between everything else that I do. So I set out on a mission to find some that had already been made by other clever people.

And here's what I found via Ebay.  Second Nature is a great online store with a huge selection of reasonably priced and ragginess.  I've had a sniff around the website and there's loads of other lovely stuff aside from flooring.  What's more the products do not prick the eco-conscience.  Both my rugs are fair traded.

It was really hard to choose but in the end I picked the ones that you see here.  I'm really pleased with the quality.  The rag strands are so tightly packed that it's hard not to believe that they aren't a woolly weave.  I'm hoping that they'll last years and years and be a good fit with my philosophy of keepsies for good.

This one with the circles looks fabulous in the sun room with my retro chair that I swapped for a tree.  All that I need now is a similarly themed big cushion and a bit more furniture.  The other ziggy zaggy one in the top picture is bright and fun and looks great with all my crocheted throws and the big knitted pouffes in the lounge.  It's a great addition to all that 'toyshop chic'!


  1. I love those, the top one in particular. It looks fab against the warm wood and white walls. Wood floor and white walls is exactly the look I am aiming for.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous both of them however I love the knitted pouffes where did you get those. Did you knit them? I'm half way through knitting one at the moment but just realised I've gone wrong so need to undo lol.

  3. Gorgeous- very much my taste!

  4. The colors look like how I imagine you would do color in your home. I love the contrast to the wood floors.

  5. Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous. They look super thick and sumptuous.

  6. Squeek! I am green with envy at your purchases! What an amazingly happy colourful space :)

  7. Love love the circles rug the best X looks gorgeous