Wednesday, 24 February 2016


I have been holidaying with girlie girls, ones who play with their hair  and nails far more than I ever do. Much preening and pampering has gone on. Some beauticians came  to the villa the other night.  I had a great aromatherapy massage and was surprised at the tension that I carry in my feet.  The lovely lady seemed to unknot them for me.  You live and learn.

A few of my friends have  been pestering me for a while to let them make me up. They can't quite believe that my lack of desire to paint my face isn't a consequence of  extreme self esteem issues.  It's quite the opposite actually.  I'm happy with what I look like without warpaint.

But I succombed to a full,and admittedly relaxing, facial and the works.  Foundation, blusher and even stuff on my eyebrows. And here's the result before someone, who didn't know when to stop, had another go and painted what looked like a slug above one eye!  I have to say that the resultant makeover was a lot more subtle than I'd imagined.  I was ever so nearly convinced. Until that is I started to itch and swell up, an allergic reaction to some of the gentlest cosmetic ranges on the market.  Not an alluring look at all.

 So that's it.  People are going to have to take me as I come.  I have to say that I'm a bit relieved.


  1. I'm an au natural girl too - I tend to look like a drag queen with even just mascara on!
    You, on the other hand look lovely, except it's not worth an anaphylactic shock!!

  2. As Mother Nature intended here sister, who always looks gorgeous, never goes out without a full face of slap, not a hair out of place and beautiful nails....beside her I look like a country bumpkin. Which is kind of what I am, actually! It's a combination of can't be arsed anymore, plus feeling comfortable in my own skin. You do indeed look lovely as you are in your 'naked' (as in no make up) pics. And your skin was clearly trying to tell you something....

  3. I don't wear any make up either... I'm not bothered about the overall effect, my skin doesn't much like it either, and I very much object to any societal pressure trying to tell women we 'should' do anything, whether that be wear make up or knit, frankly!

  4. Rarely wear anything but a good deal of moisturizer. Though on my very anemic days, a touch of blusher makes me pass for one of the living.

  5. Moisturizer is the only thing that goes on my face too. I am happy with who I am.