Thursday, 11 February 2016

Testing, Testing

The bathroom that was a building site is nigh on complete!  It is all tiled and there's an operational bath and shower, sink and toilet.

'Louis christened the loo.'  I told the builder.
'A number two?' he asked hopefully.
'No', I replied for I'd been told uncategorically what had been deposited.  Kids are like that
 'So it's not been tested with solids then?'  He looked concerned.

Bodily functions did not seem an appropriate topic of conversation with a near stranger even though we've shared a bloody good laugh over the last fortnight. I realised though that this was a necessary line of inquiry in terms of ascertaining the  integrity of the pipework for what had been quite a difficult installation.

'It might have been.' I coyly answered.  I may have even gone a bit red.   After all, it's not nice discussing one's own  toileting habits with a non medically trained person.  I do have boundaries you know.  Thankfully my builder seemed satisfied with this reply. Phew!

I know that you'd love to see the finished article and I really can't wait  to show it off either.  It's lush and a squillion times better than my old bathroom. Alas it's not quite done yet.  There's been a delay in the delivery of the radiator.  It's no ordinary one I'll have you know but a swanky chrome designer jobbie that I couldn't resist as it will add  impact to the room.  There's also a bit of painting to be done.  So for now, I've decided to keep you in suspenders.  The wait will be worth it.  In the meantime  you can make do with  this picture of the funniest medical assessment in cake form.  It  seems appropriate given today's topic of discussion.


  1. OMG the Bristol Stool Chart takes me back to my nursing days how funny. Did you make the cake? I can't make my mind up whether I fancy a slice or not lol.

    1. Not my own cake alas. Just one I found on Facebook x

  2. Now I'm glad I can't eat chocolate!!

  3. Certainly an interesting take on Chocolate Cake.