Monday, 29 February 2016

The Chilli Kid

Like most parents these days I  have to battle with 'The Evil Screens'.  It seems that if you left modern day kids to their own devices they'd stare goggle-eyed at their laptop, phone, tablet or the TV during every waking hour.  It drives me nuts finding Louis erroneously  thinking that he can multi-task, for example getting dressed and watching a Youtube clip at the same time. Inevitably what he's supposed to be doing comes to a near standstill and results in confiscation of electronic gadgetry. Any activity that diverts his attention from technology is a godsend especially if he initiates it himself.

'Can we visit the chilli farm near Kingsbridge?' he asked the other week.  He's been fascinated by the potential of these humble plants to inflict torture on his friends since he experimented with ghost chilli chocolate on me!  'Sure!' I thought.  Perhaps he could be persuaded to get interested in their more benevolent culinary uses.  And so it was that he came away with the South Devon Chilli Farm with more searingly hot chocolate to feed to unsuspecting mates, a bottle of plant feed and two packs of seeds, some pretty Cherry Bombs and Pimientos de Padron. With the latter you can play a kind of Russian Roulette.  Most of these little green beauties are mild but occasionally you get a hottie, albeit one that does not cause anywhere near the level of pain inflicted by those horrid ghost chillis.  They're lovely fried in a bit of olive oil and then served with a generous seasoning of sea salt.

And so I've been pestered for some gardening equipment.  How refreshing and much better for the young soul than an Xbox game!  So at the weekend I treated my son to some pots, soil and an electric propagator.  I was amused to see how excited he was by this last item.  So  here he is potting up.  I'm hopeful that it will lead to other horticulture endeavours.  After all one of us needs to be green fingered around here.  It certainly isn't me!


  1. What a great " hobby" for Louis to be getting into. I hope it leads him to the joy of gardening! My eldest son had never done any gardening in his life until he and his wife bought a house with a large ,run down garden. In 6 years he has transformed it into a beautiful space…3 different areas and is part way through making a pond at the moment. I am so proud.

  2. Does his school or next school have horticulture? I would have likef one of my kids to try it out-regret I didn't because no green thumbs here.

  3. That's the sort of thing that youngsters should be doing and cultivating an interest in. Well done Louis.