Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Best Get Out The Popcorn....

.....for this is a longish one, just over twenty minutes to be precise.  And it's quite serious so you'll have to concentrate.   However, it's well worth the time and effort as it packs a punch on many different levels.   In this talk, Brene Brown, an academic  describes the dramatic personal transformation that   her research caused.  That can't happen too often can it?  Aren't these boffin types supposed to be dispassionate?

 Coincidentally it embraces themes that I've had cause to ponder lately.   And what do you know!  The research findings co-exist nicely alongside what I've worked out all by myself.  It's so good when the paths of proper methodology and the  musings of a harebrain mind meet!


  1. Sorry, I got lost. Too much going around the houses.

  2. This video kicked off my spring book study The Gift of Imperfection. Then it was Dare Greatly. I'm not 100% convinced I am aligned to her findings but made for good discussions.

  3. Thank you- I could completely relate to her words.