Sunday, 6 March 2016


A little bit more painting to do and then my bathroom that is no longer a building site will be ready to show off.  I painted the ceiling yesterday and as I had some vinyl silk left over in the decorating tray I thought I'd make a start on the sun room!  Don't ever let it be said that I shirk multi-tasking.

Before I tackled the job I went on the hunt for the filler that I'd bought the other day. It wasn't anywhere to be found.  The nearest DIY chain store is about ten miles away but luckily Brixham has not one but two little hardware stores with really helpful friendly staff.  I frequent both. After a longish hunt  I popped out to the nearest to buy a replacement.  'I'm sure that I've got a tube of this at home.'  I told the bloke.  'I expect it will turn up in about three years time.'  'Oh no it won't' he said.  'What will happen is that you will get home, you'll find it just after you've put the key in the door.'  Be blowed if he wasn't right!


  1. Any time we can't find something we know the quickest way to find it is to buy a replacement.