Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hoodie and Tee

Okay delayed confession time!  I bought this unisex snowboarding hoodie from Decathlon whilst I was away in Andalusia, the fifth piece of clothing that broke this year's resolution not to buy clothes.  Still I console myself with the fact that  If I continue replenishing my wardrobe at this rate I'll have around twenty new things in 2016.  That is  way less than the sixty seven items that Ms Average buys annually.  Naturally I do have an excuse. Whilst I had plenty of warm clothes in my wardrobe they did not make it to Spain.  It's meant to be a hot country innit! How was I to know that I'd need something toastie warm in February?  It's been useful since I got back to nippy old Blighty as well.  It's also the first item of clothing that I've ever bought that Louis has asked to borrow.  I must be doing something right in the cool stakes if it passes muster with a youthful one.

And whilst we're on the subject of sheer accident I discovered that you can get a pair of high heels that are done out to look like a Vauxhall Agila.  Honestly, go and check out the link if you don't believe me.  I wondered if my beloved Citigo had been given the same treatment so did a Google search. Sadly not. That's when I discovered this from the online T-shirt company Uber9.   They can make it up a skinny  girl's version in lots of different colours. I'm passing as my preference is for plain tees but I'm sharing it as I love the sentiment.  Behind the wheel of that once much maligned Skoda sits a revolutionary!

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