Friday, 4 March 2016

One Angry Squirrel

I was waiting around in  a hotel lobby the other day and  picked up a copyof the Daily Telegraph, not my usual rag.   A story caught my attention for its personal relevance. In response to the news that geneticists have pinpointed IRF4 gene, a banner anounced  'End of Grey Hair In Sight As Scientists Find Gene Responsible.'   Yikes! Am I just about to be follicly challenged?

A friend, who shared my capacity for being easily distracted,  pulled out my first grey hair at the age of sixteen when we were supposed to be doing homework in the school library. By the age of eighteen there were too many to pluck. It's a strong familial thing.   I have no recall of my Dad having any different hair colour and my brother is grey too.  Inevitably in my younger days I hit the hair colourants but since my late thirties I've embraced the silver vixen look wholeheartedly.   I wish I'd been bold enough to do so at a younger age.    I love my natural hair colour  and wouldn't change it for the world.  Others seem to agree that it looks perfectly okay.  It isn't unusual for total strangers to compliment me in the street.  So I'd encourage others to take the plunge and give ditching the dye a go.

It won't come as a surprise then if articles that talk about grey hair as if it were a problem that should be treated or cure really get my goat.  I'm cross and so is this squirrel!


  1. Your hair colour is fab!
    I'm not bothered in the slightest by my greying hair, although it is a very slow process. My family are the opposite to yours where greying hair is concerned - 3 generations that I know of haven't gone grey other than the odd few ( which is what mine is like at 51). My Mum is 77 and her hair is still a dark blonde with just a few greys and she has never dyed her hair in her life. Her Mum and Grandma were the same, although their hair was darker.

  2. Your hair looks fab, as does my sister's which is a stunning shade of grey. Mine is very grey at the temples but the rest is stubbornly refusing to turn, which I wish it would! x

  3. Sadly, my family runs to red heads whose hair, when it turns, is a sickly sort of yellow gray. On the other hand, my husband had a flaming carrot top that turned brown and then a gorgeous gray and white. Completely unfair.

  4. We all should sport what makes us feel good-and I firmly believe a person look good when they feel good.I am not loving how my hair is graying-it is very course, but haven't been pleased with the results of coloring-can't get the right shade to just cover the gray, not change the color. Hubs is very gray and his hair is also so course-not like his parents who had gray hair in their 30's, but it looked wonderful.

  5. I wish that mine would go silver all over, it looks more like a monk's tonsure at present.