Thursday, 24 March 2016

'Snot Needed

I've just come across the most stomach churning piece of kitchen paraphenalia I've ever seen.  Even though I know Louis would love the
Bogey Man Egg Separator it's definitely not being given house room here  It would put me off my meringues!

I used to have a much more boring separator, beige stoneware with a slit.  However in a decluttering frenzy it was  donated to the charity shop.  It had became redundant after I learned a nifty technique that involves no special equipment. Now when the recipe calls for it, I divide the egg by gently juggling its yolk between the two  cracked shell halves and letting the white drop into a bowl below.   Follow this link and a nice Frenchman will show you how to do it.  It works a treat!

Addendum:  Lordy I was wrong.  You think you know a person and then..... I've just shown this to Louis and he thinks it's disgusting too!


  1. It was me who taught him; that's exactly how I do it.

  2. I love the bogey man but wouldn't use it either. I use the egg shells to seperate the eggs too.

  3. I wish I wasn't eating my breakfast!!

  4. That is unspeakably gross!! I usually do the juggling egg shells thing. But if I have lots to separate [eg for a pavlova] I break an egg onto a saucer and catch the yolk under an eggcup, then slide the white into a jug. Then the yolk goes into another jug...and repeat...

  5. That is absolutely revolting! My son thinks it's hilarious!!! I have only ever done the juggling betwixt the shells thing, my Nanna showed me!