Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Stick Kid

Louis is thirteen today. How time has flown!  In spite of some moments that I'm putting down to hormones that surfaced a couple of months early he can still be a little darling. Out of the blue the other day he told me that I deserved love more than anyone else on the planet.   Of course this is absolute nonsense for we are all equally worthy but I was very touched.

These may be the last sweet words uttered from his lips for some time.  I've awoken fully prepared for  that total Kevin transition moment when the hormones suddenly surge forth.   They may come halfway through the bowling trip planned in celebration of this milestone birthday. Midshot I'll become too embarrasing to associate with for the next five years.

His present list was remarkably short. There's a Minecraft game for the Xbox and some Artemis Fowl books as he's reading through the series. For the surprise element I had to get my thinking cap on.  I remembered that  he liked a ukelele in a local charity shop a while back so I got him one of those. As musical instruments go they're as cheap as chips.

I also bought this book as another attempt to further counter all the relentless technology that kids today are exposed to.  It comes with a host of fabulous reviews. When we go out Louis often picks up a stick which then becomes his plaything' invariably a weapon. Usually they're quite large, branchlike even, and there's often a little battle afterwards when I refuse to let him bring it in the house. We'd have a woodpile in the living room by now if I acquiesced.

Yes, I think he'll like this book.  Unless, that it, the adolescent transformation brings adverse change of the highest severity.  If this is so, I think that this is definitely at risk of being labelled as 'lame'!


  1. He might not become a " Kevin" . My first 2 boys were not too bad, but the third certainly made up for them! No 3 is now 29, and asleep upstairs, having come to stay for a few days from Oxford where he lives and works ( at Brookes University) Louis sounds like quite a sweetie ( don't tell him I said that!) so you might be lucky.

  2. You adapt as you do at all stages of their development. I dreaded having a teenager but I'm still in one piece!

  3. From what you tell of him he seems to be a well balanced person, don't expect the worst from him.

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  5. My son was a handful from kindergarten on, and still has me needing to gear up for large amounts of time around him at 27. some is attributed to his particular needs within the Asperger spectrum/with twinges of OCD and ADHD to boot. My guess is you'll get bouts of moodiness, but if he is like he is, he probably will not veer off too far form his loving personality.

  6. I have three daughters and one son, aged from 13 to 23. I can honestly say, so far my son has been the loveliest of the lot. Your Louis sounds like a cracking lad :)

  7. I have two daughters and two sons. All of them have turned out to be lovely people but the boys have given me far less sleepless nights. Your little chap sounds fab.