Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sunny Sun Room

Things are coming together.  I've invited Reiki Ray for lunch tomorrow. Last time he was here he said that every time he visits my house it just gets better and better.  He described it as like a bud coming into flower and becoming more beautiful. He can be quite poetic at times.

I think he'll approve of the makeover of my sunroom  which he hasn't seen yet.  It occurred in  the same way as the the annexe to my bedroom.  I didn't really know what I was going to do with either space and then all of a sudden they came together really quickly.   I already had the super cool swivel chair that I swapped for a pile of wood and that funky rag rug.  Then by chance I was passing a local charity shop after a GP appointment and found this retro style sofa.  It was a month old and cost just £100.   All of a sudden a room plan was forming. It didn't seem like a big job once I'd painted my bathroom ceiling to continue with my roller and transform this room. Thankfully I was right. There's a lot of openings and glass out there and not an awful lot of wall to cover.  The job was done at a leisurely pace in less than a day.

That chair has to be the star of the show.  Its wicker was a bit uncomfortable on the derriere so I found a big round cushion cover on Ebay that's made out of old saris.  I was going to stuff it with polystyrene beanbag filler but discovered that Dunelm Mills sells bags of Wotsit shaped bits of memory foam.  It was just the job and makes for a very happy bottom indeed!

Do you remember the nautically themed linocut print  by KT and Paul that I bought as a souvenir from Granville Market in Vancouver?  Well it's now framed and I think I've found a deserving home for it here.  The mirror is from that Homesense shop where I bought the storm lantern in the bathroom.  It's from Vietnam and the multi-coloured frame is made up of thin rolls of recycled magazines.

There are  charity shop finds on the other main wall.  The two leaves on the right are also examples of Canadian craftsmanship from the Blue Mountain pottery.  They're hung using those plate disc holders that came in jolly handy when I created the Mad Wall.

Here's a closer look in the corner. It's had the Habitat treatment.  The nest of tables is a white set but the little green table was on offer and sold separately.  With a discount code it cost less than a tenner.  The spare middle table  is in 'Yellowstone Corner' in my bedroom.  I needed a home for  a table lamp and my cuppa whilst reading.  It's just the job.

The bird cushions which cunningly match that middle table are also from Habitat.  They've given me ideas about printing some of my own linocuts onto fabric.  Flowers were from my friend Little Wren and the mosaic lighthouse lamp is a make of my own, recycled yonks ago from a shabby old money box.

Have a better look at that bargain sofa. I really can't believe my luck! It's transformed the room from an awkward through way  that I didn't know what to do with to one of my favourite places in the house.  No wonder I now spend so much time in there. It reminds me of my motorhome.  There's so much light!


  1. It's looking really good, I like your style.

  2. Luv it all looks great. Really love the sofa what a fab find.

  3. So fun to be walked through your decisions. I think my favorite is the three nesting tables - the green one brings so many things together. You have quite the eye.

  4. Another cracking transformation. The light is wonderful and it will be a real 'feel good' space :)

  5. Give me that rug now...I'm sure you can fit it in the overhead bit for luggage on the train at the weekend!!!

  6. I like your sun room very much.

  7. A gorgeous space, and having met you, a good reflection of your personality - bright and welcoming. x