Thursday, 10 March 2016

Two Messages?

On the way back from my doctor's appointment on Monday I took the High Street route back home. There's a Sally Army lady who's a bit of a local character.  I've come across her collecting money in the local pubs at the weekend and there she was, with her tin in town.  As I stopped to rummage in my bag to find some change for her I thought I'd dropped something.  I looked down and instead saw a white feather.  Of course these have nothing to do with the manky pigeons who lurk in the High Street or indeed the gulls which are, of course, numerous near any fishing port.  Everyone knows that feathers come from the wings of angels don't they?  Those celestial beings have been known to hang around in Brixham in the past.  There'd be no bird 'flu germs there then.  Angels are as clean as a whistle. So I picked it up.

There wasn't much in my purse but I found fifty pence.  It didn't seem right to take a copy of The War Cry.  My donation wouldn't have covered the printing costs but I did.  But I did accept a little slip of paper.  On it was a Bible verse.

When pride comes, there comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.  Proverbs 11:2

Was someone trying to tell me something with these two 'messages' that came so quickly in succesion?  Reiki Ray thinks so!


  1. If it brings you comfort then it's up to you how you interpret it. I would probably view it similarly to how your friend does.

  2. I've got a surfeit of white feathers at the moment - but not angelic ones. I've been fighting with my very plump sofa cushions, struggling to get the covers back on after washing them. I swear those cushions have doubled in size since they were released.

    1. Must be angels filling them up secretly when you're not looking! x

  3. Signs are everywhere. Some days we have to believe in them to make the day matter a bit more. I agree with Aril.

  4. I'm with you... angels, and robins. They don't have white feathers but they turn up regularly when I'm feeling low or need reassurance that I've done the right thing. My Dad said he always wanted to come back as a robin...