Saturday, 30 April 2016

Angel Watching Over Me

I am pleased to say that my brother, Paul, is one of my closest friends. It is not always so with siblings.  When I have a conundrum he is often the person I will turn to for a sounding out session. We share a love of talking random shite too and have a similar sense of humour.  Some of our connection must come from our pool of a half century of shared memories.  Mind you, these don't  always concur.

When I was a child I had a wooden pelmet over the top of the curtains in my bedroom.  I used it to display treasures.  The totality of what was up there is lost to me but I do remember that at each end there were pictures of Alsatian dogs, the results of rather a successful foray into painting by numbers by Mum.  Next to it was this.

It  was my Catholic Grandpa's and it looks as if it came from one of those very kitsch souvenir shops at a religious site like Lourdes or that place in Ireland where the Virgin Mary's face appeared on a slice from a  Warburton's white loaf.  I may be making up the last sacred site but you get the idea.   When I was younger I took the stamp on the back of the ceramic angel plaque as evidence that it was a two hundred year old artifact.

It turned up a few years ago at my brother's home.  I laid claim to it.  'That's mine' I said.  'It was on my pelmet.' 'Bollocks!' replied my brother.  The deluded bugger insisted that it had been in his bedroom throughout his childhood years. I brought the subject up every time I visited.  At last!  My relentless badgering has paid off.  It arrived in the post for my birthday this year and has, at last, been returned to its rightful  owner. Quite right too!

You'd think that this might be a candidate for the latest mad wall but I disagree.  It's a significant memento from my past and I wanted it displayed in a place where I could appreciate it in its own right.  So it's on the cabinet next to my bed for extra protection! 


  1. Awwww I'm jealous. I always wanted a brother, but had two sisters instead! Miss 21 always says that brothers are overrated and shed wanted a sister instead!
    I love swapping childhood memories BC it's great to get their take on things! We all believe each other were the favourites!!
    I'm glad though, that the rightful owner now has it!

  2. I have one younger sister we were not that close growing up but very close now. I came back from visiting my mum a few weeks ago with a childhood momento. She had a silver nutcracker in the shape of a crocodile on the hearth it used to belong to an old Aunty of mine and always lived on her hearth until she died and then my mum had it. It always fascinated me as a child so now I have it on my hearth. My sister hates it so no disagreement over who has it. Another idea for a blog post thank you lol

  3. We didn't grow up with a lot of sentimental stuff,but a few "treasures" were hoarded by one of my sisters. She wraps them u and gives them to each of us siblings. There were 10 of us,9 now. While it is nice to get the things for keepsakes, I must say I'm annoyed at her her a bit that she did the hoarding and is deciding how the trinkets, towels, and little nothings get disbursed in the family.That was sweet that your brother conceded after all these years!

  4. I sometimes wish that my people weren't such great collectors (hoarders). I've ended up with several lofts filled with 'stuff'; no religious plaques though!