Friday, 29 April 2016

It Was Bugging Me

It's occurred to me that the songs that I share on my blog are mainly on the morose side.  I must rectify that sometime soon but today maudlin is again the flavour.  Please don't think that this is a reflection of my overall state of mind.  I really am pretty perky most of the time even when I'm in therapy.  Maybe it's because I prefer to dance to the more upbeat stuff rather than listen intently.

Lou played me this ages back and I've been trying to trace it ever since.   I tried to sing it to him once. My voice can be hauntingly beautiful or rough and tuneless depending on how self conscious I'm feeling.   On this occasion the latter applied and I got very short shrift.  I even tried a song recognition app to no avail.  All that I could remember were the words 'down in the valley' were in the lyrics somewhere and it wasn't enough to go on.

The hunt was over the other day.  Hurrah!  I did that thing on Spotify where you can recreate your very own radio station based on an artist that you like.  I chose   Mumford and Sons and it came up.  At last! It turns out that Jake Bugg's song comes from one of the best selling albums of the decade.  You probably all know it anyway.  Sometimes I wondered if I go around with a head in a big bag of cotton wool! 


  1. Watching that made me aware of how different US bars are from UK pubs. I much prefer the latter.

  2. I have different music to suit my moods!! I often hark back to my youth!

  3. I haven't listened to Jake Bugg for ages, probably since we got rid of the car 2 years ago!