Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Boring Bit

I am really itching to get out my rollers and do some printing from my linocuts  There's Flamingo Mk. 2 and of course my more recent Tinner's Hares designs to be getting on with.  But it's not completely straightforward.  You have to make sure that the ink ends up on the right place on your paper.  Otherwise the print won't be centred properly and the image can go all skew whiff if lino isn't lined up and colours end up in the right place relative to each other.

So I've been making registration boards.  Yawn!  After lots of measurement little tabs are cut and secured in place on a big bit of backing cardboard.  It means that the paper and the lino can be lined up consistently each time a print is made.  I don't mind boring jobs where you can let you mind wander elsewhere but this isn't that kind of task. Precision and full attention is called for.  A wandersome mind can cause misalignment so easily.   If I could skip this part  I would, believe me. I don't though as I know the effort is worthwhile.  It saves a whole heap of frustration down the line.
I've finally managed to do a couple of test prints of the backdrop for my hares. Yay!  Now that's so much more fun. Can you spot the single four leaved clover?

Often there's an image in my head of how a finished work will look.  The green is not the one that I've been carrying around up top. That one was soft and mossy.  The colour I mixed  was different but I loved its vibrancy so I'm going with it.   A few adjustments to the design were needed to make some of the lines more distinct. It meant getting out my tools again.  I think cutting into the lino is my favourite stage of the process.  It smells so lush!

Today I plan to turn my kitchen and dining room into a print workshop!  It will be strewn with images of leaves and flamingoes.  Then there's the not insubstantial problem of finding enough flat surfaces that are out of the way to let everything dry before the next images are superimposed on top. Fingers crossed.  I'll be able to show you the finished prints in the next week or so. 


  1. Replies
    1. Believe me they need crossing. Just discovered some palette knives would be very useful. x

  2. How clever you are. It looks incredibly intricate where did you learn to do it. I can't wait to see it finished.

    1. There's a place in Exeter called 'The Double Elephant'. It's a printmaking collective that runs course. I love it there! x

    2. I used to buy double elephant paper at art college, it was wonderful to have so much space to work on.

      You can get baking palettes at Tesco for about £4.

    3. Isn't 'Double Elephant' a nicer name for a paper size than A4. Would a smaller size be something like half a shrew?! x