Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Apologies must go to the Tyr, God of War and Law, for I don't think with his remit that he's someone that I want to upset. However I have to 'fess up and say the day of the week which bears his name really isn't my favourite. Much poking and fussing is needed to get Louis out of the house by 7:30am. On other days this is bearable  as, when I am working, I have another hour to unwind before heading out.   But  Tuesday is team meeting day. I have to nip in the car almost straight away to drive to Ivybridge, another half hour on from my usual office base at Totnes.  It's not a start to the day that is conducive to feeling particularly sunny.  Even though I'm still off sick at the moment Tuesday somehow still holds dread.

A few weeks ago things were even worse than usual. Louis missed the bus.  He was peeing around and had forgotten his fare even though I'd reminded him to take it.   He ran back to the house  and was still there as the bus sailed past.   I had one of my incandescent moments, rare but scary!  I toyed with the idea of sending him down to the  stop in town to catch the number 12 that runs regularly and  pitches up quite close to school. In the end I decided it would be far more of a punishment for me to drive him there. After all I had wrath to vent!

It turned out to be a bit of a revelation.  After my rant was over it was rather lovely to have a bit more shared time with my son and thanks to the new Torquay bypass I got to the meeting well ahead of the 9am start.

My whole philosophy on life involves making things as simple as possible. It extends to many areas, how I organise myself and my home my relationships with others, the way I cook.  I've talked about eliminating annoyances before and it extends far beyond the way that my kitchen is set up.  With a bit of thought our Tuesday regime  changed for the better. If I drive Lou to school we only leave the house ten minutes later but somehow each get a half hour  'lie in'.  We have a lovely chat and music session in the car and Louis buys a breakfast wrap from the school canteen.  When I am working I arrive there far less frazzled.  It's win-win for us both.  Maybe Mr Tyr is happier too!


  1. I agree with you about making life simple; it reduces stress, and saves sanity.

  2. Since finishing work I seem to be slowing down to a stop. I have barely driven my car since leaving that I'm beginning to come round to the suggestion by lovejoy of selling it. However I have always had my own car and to give it up is causing me some difficulty. We will see lol

    1. When I was an OT student living in Exeter I shared a car with my ex and we didn't have to refuel it for six weeks at a time. I cycled to college and did all the weekly shops with the help of a big rucksack. xx

  3. Tuesday is my cursed day as well. Once its past, I feel the week is a breeze. I like your Tuesday recalibration and figuring out the flow instead of how to win the battle. You're a smart lady.