Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Half Hearted Martin Lewis Moment

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!  Here's a picture from the other morning of my poor little Skoda, Leif, who seems to have suffered a full on attack from those effing gulls that live around here.  To an extent I've learnt to put up with their shenanigans but they're still a blooming nuisance.  Sometimes their night-time rumpus on the roof drives Louis from his lofty haunt downstairs to sleep in the spare room instead.

Anyway....a now poop free Leif needed his annual comprehensive policy renewed.  Somehow I'd agreed with last years insurers that this would occur automatically.   I'm not sure how that happened as I always like to shop around.   In the spirit of non complacency I went online to a comparison site and was pleased to see that the same company still offered the best deal.  But hang on a cotton picking minute!  The online price was cheaper than the renewal cost that I'd been palmed off with.  So much for being a loyal customer!  A quick-ish call to the company yielded a no-quibble £21 reduction from their written quote.    I expect that, with a little more time on his hands, that Money Saving Expert bloke might have shaved a little more off the cost.   I didn't achieve particularly huge savings but it's enough to make pretty substantial inroads into the cost of my weekly shop!


  1. Stupidly I'd been loyal to my insurance company for over 5 years.When I finished work due to more time and financial inclination I decided to do a quote comparison and ended up saving £482 annually. I can only shake my head at my previous idiocy however I'm not one for looking back lol. I love your little skoda. I have a little mini convertible I've had it for years and I love it but the time is approaching when one of our cars will have to go and lovejoy thinks my mini fun though it is is pretty useless in every other aspect so I'm now sadly I'm mentally letting go.

  2. Well does pay to shop around but you do need to have a life aswell.ML has been called an anorak by some...I have to say thought that his site saved my bacon after our redundancies.

  3. It would be the principal of the thing-hate being charged more as an existing customer. Same goes with other perks-loyalty should be rewarded not shafted.

  4. We used to have similar Seagull problems in Brighton. A well practised bird could hit a house window from 20 yards; and as for the rooftop disco....