Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cheers Cupid!

This may well be the last post of this genre for a while as I've removed myself from those dating sites. Why?   Well it seems, they may have served their purpose. No longer will I be keeping you guys and my immediate circle of friends entertained with tales of blokies whose sexual leanings veer a long way from my own. And thankfully,  I will be keeping my hair.

As alternative reading may I suggest that you pop on over to Cupid's School where you'll find thought provoking blog writing that's far removed from my 'back of a fag packet' over my first cuppa in the morning kind? I've promised that I'll read it  in its entirety but am a little distracted at the moment with real life........Can I mention that the author is unbelievably cute!


  1. Ooh intriguing! But that link to Cupid's School goes to your blog for last Sunday.....

    1. Ooops! fag packet editing as well. Fixed! xx

  2. How do you know the author is cute? I can't find him to have a look. I'm not on Facebook lol. It's a shame you've given up on the dating sites.

  3. No you won't find him there!!! x