Sunday, 8 May 2016

Fiddly Craft Series II

A couple of weeks ago I gave you the woman who rendered a perfectly good kitchen useless by sticking half a million beads on every surface. Today I present another example of arty craftiness that, with those famed butter fingers, I couldn 't even attempt to replicate myself.

I've featured the quiller Lisa Nilsson before. Last time she grabbed my attention with intricately rolled anatomical artistry. This time she's amazed me with her papery interpretations of the type of rug that a posh old granny might have in her home.  Pop on over to the artist's own website to see more  examples.  My awe for this woman's patience is heightened by the fact that there is more than one of these fabulous designs.


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous. I've done paper rolling pictures with the kids at school, but obviously nowhere near as amazing as that!

  2. I enlarged to get a good look at the deatail.I can't imagine how anyine could figure out the detail to get each paper just right.