Thursday, 19 May 2016

For Scarlet

My gorgeous friend Scarlet at Beyond the Nook shared the fact the other day that one of her favourite all time songs was 'Edelweiss' from 'The Sound of Music'.  Funnily enough, I'd just listened to this beautifully stark version by 'The Innocence Mission'.  I thought that my old mucker might like this rendition too.


  1. Your timing is perfect. Today, my wonderful, much loved and still hugely missed Dad would have been 77. I listened to this with damp eyes and a lump in my throat, remembering the times he sang it to me.
    Thankyou. x

    1. Bless you. My pleasure. Take very good care of you and yours and hold wonderful memories of your Dad on your heart. xx

  2. So sweet-your post and Scarlet's response. I'll be thinking of you both today, with this tune in my head.